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Regenerative Agriculture coaching for farmers and non-farmers, students, and industry professionals. Training in the practical Application of Regenerative Principles. Engaging workshops from small groups to large organizations. Personal performance coaching. Marketing. Mentoring.


What does Coaching involve?

You will have a profound shift in the following areas:

  • Personal performance, resilience and creativity
  • Farm profitability and resilience
  • Ability to share experience and knowledge (leadership)
  • Responsibility
  • Fun
  • Peace of mind/contentment
  • Time management
  • Practical on-farm skills and techniques.
  • Listening
  • Staff/Team management
  • Understanding various ecosystem functions and principles including and not limited to: soil health, water cycle, nutrient cycle, Carbon cycle, plant health resilience and performance, plant and microbial symbiosis, animal health resilience and performance, human health resilience and performance.


Coaching fee: $145.00 plus GST per hour

We can create custom support packages to suit your individual requirements.

No subscriptions or fixed terms.

Education, support and advice when ever YOU need it.